5 ways harnessing RegTech will turn compliance from cost center to value driver

The oil and gas industry has some unique attributes that make compliance management hugely challenging. For any business in the sector, meeting this challenge and maintaining compliance over the long term adds significant costs. Reduce focus even for a short while however and, depending on the scenario, the costs of non-compliance can be immense. In […]

When talent departs, make sure the knowledge doesn’t.

How compliance and risk management software can mitigate key person risk in the oil and gas industry. The departure of key staff is considered one of the hardest risks for businesses to mitigate. On top of this, employee retention is a now a bigger issue than ever. Not only do companies have to worry about […]

How to insulate your company from third-party risk

There is some interesting commentary in here on the increasing focus by regulators on managing third party relationships and how oversight of third party execution of responsibilities is critical. Although the examples used are in relation to financial institutions, there are real analogies here with the oil and gas industry – in particular, the pertinent […]

How quickly can your company adapt to political and regulatory change?

If recent events in Norway[1], Italy[2] and New Zealand[3] (to name but a few) teach us anything, it’s that we can no longer afford to be taken by surprise by politicians. With every new government and shifting political alliance, the potential increases for major regulatory change within the oil and gas industry. Political drivers of changing oil and gas regulation Concerns […]