Reducing the risk of late fines

Has your business ever received a late fine? Did it do its job, motivating you to not be late next time? In most cases, people would say that if performing an action late cost them more, it would motivate them to complete it on time. But one fascinating study published in 1998 provided evidence that […]

Tips on synchroniziong management across locations

When companies skip important groundwork, like instituting effective systems of management within their organization, they can very easily collapse inward. Companies managing teams and operations across multiple locations, jurisdictions, or countries are at the highest risk of this happening. Making sure that all the moving parts of your organization function well together is a much […]

Why accountability matters, and what to do about it

All companies want their employees to do their best work. Businesses use many motivational tactics to get their staff to work hard.    Regardless of what motivational strategies are employed, accountability is vital to a team’s effectiveness and productivity. Think of oil in an engine- it keeps it running smoothly and without friction. In the same […]